Assess with Go Formative and love it!

Assess with Go Formative and love it!!

Formerly known as SmartestK12, GoFormative “is a web-based tool that allows teachers to create assignments, deliver them to students, receive results, and provide individualized feedback in real-time” (, 2018).  Using this free app, teachers can click on ready-made assignments and quizzes or create their own as they seek to engage their students, while assessing the development of student learning.  Assignments can be graded manually or automatically with the option to leave guiding comments for individual students.

Formative is a valuable tool for teachers in a variety of settings, including the flipped classroom option.  Embed videos or texts within assignments for instruction and student reflection during non-meeting days, or assign a reflection piece regarding the content after a class meeting.  More creative assessments are available through Formative with the options to draw, speak or annotate responses. “Two-way communications…and group collaboration would add to Formative’s engagement factor” (Rogowski, 2018), while teachers follow class contributions, knowledge development, and note possible gaps.

SImilar to Kahoot and Socrative, Formative is more highly recommended in part because only a class code is needed (students do not have to have an account (students at younger ages are not allowed to anyway), plus it offers the option to show your work and use the library of mathematical figures easily.  The tool does not have built-in colorful displays and music in the way that Kahoot achieves popularity with students, but it does offer teachers a “cleverly designed…, flexible and attractive solution for [meeting] students where they are” (Rogowski, 2018).