Using skilled analysis of videos of authentic classrooms to train pre-service teachers — five articles

Blomberg, G., Renkl, A., Gamoran Sherin, M., Borko, H., & Seidel, T. (2013).  Five

research-based heuristics for using video in pre-service teacher education.

        Journal for Educational Research Online, 5(1), 90-114.


Fadde, P., & Sullivan, P. (2013).  Using interactive video to develop preservice teachers’

classroom awareness.  Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education,

13(2).  Retrieved from



Hernandez-Ramos, P., & Giancarlo, C. A. (2004). Situating Teacher Education: From the

University Classroom to the “Real” Classroom. Journal Of Computing In Teacher

        Education, 20(3), 121-128.


Hong, C. E., & Van Riper, I. (2016).  Enhancing teacher learning from guided video

analysis of literacy instruction:  An interdisciplinary and collaborative approach.

Journal of Inquiry & Action in Education, 7(2), 94-110.


Xiong, W. (2013).  A potential approach to support pre-service teachers’ professional

learning: The video analysis of the authentic classroom.  US-China Education

        Review, March, 3(3), 149-161.


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