Lit Review on Hypermedia and Learning

Chen, W. F., Dwyer, F. M., & Chuang, C. (2000, November 30). Hypermedia on

Learning: A Literature Review. Retrieved February 05, 2018, from


Chen et al. (2000) review literature from hypermedia research and explain how in the increasing demand for and use of hypermedia technology in school and corporate settings, results are disappointing.  The problems with current research in this area include questions that are focused on “the navigational behaviors of information retrieval instead of evaluating learning performances as they [are] related to different types of learning objectives” (p. 3).   The studies were “too technologically oriented and not so well grounded in the knowledge of applied cognitive science” (p. 3).  And finally, theory was missing, resulting in designs by intuition (p. 3).  The literature review also discussed problems associated with learning with hypermedia, including distractions to the extent that students cannot focus on important information, students experiencing spatial disorientation, and simple cognitive overload.  Future research should assess “relevant student’s learning outcomes…, develop reliable and valid instruments for measuring student’s performance…and consider learner’s different learning prerequisites and learning types” (p. 4).

This brief discussion covered several imperative concerns and suggestions:  research must be done well to be credible and serve the future of technology integration in school and business.  As an ever-emerging field, hypermedia usage in these settings has great potential to aid in producing successful learning outcomes, but not if research continues on haphazardly.  Since this article was published in 2000, there are no doubt many more recent studies to which to compare.  Reading more thoroughly would be advisable for a deeper understanding of this topic.

The counsel is sound and I will endeavor to understand all of the implications as I continue to consider my options for the research field to which I would like to contribute during my doctoral studies and beyond, though I would eventually enjoy a wide range of topics, no doubt.  The option of studying hypermedia has not been in my considerations until reading the articles from this week so I would have much to learn to even acquire a foundational basis.  Perhaps it needs serious consideration because so much of technology usage will include this aspect of all the digital options.

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